300ml Commercial Dual

300ml Commercial Dual

Very useful device with the capability to spray in multiple directions out of the device.

Can be mounted internally and spray externally or into the next room like mounted in a safe but sprays outside over the safe door but is protected by being mounted inthe safe.


Great for securing close quaters around your home to prevent entry


Great device to be used in preventing criminals from walking in your roof cavity


Many more applications like remote aircraft hangars etc.


Two cans of pepper spray


No detectors on the system. You can select the correct detectors for the application.

  • Specification

    Easy installed free standing Pepper Spray Alarm System.


    1. Pepper Spray Alarm with built in Piezo Siren
    2. Two Pepper Cannisters
    3. Two Tester Cannisters
    4. Siren only Arming with No Spray
    5. Backup battery
    6. Selectable SprayTimes
    7. Selectable Entry Delays
    • Safety Override / Bypass Facility
    • 24Hr Tamper
    • 24Hr Panic (Remote and wired)
    • Arm/Disarm indication LED and Piezo Siren
    • Expandable

    Our systems carry a 12 month gaurantee. If you experience any problems with the device and it is not solved telephonically then please return it to the manufacturer for warrantee repairs or exchange.


    Chilli Pepper does offer freight on the systems due to the variations of orders, weights and sizes However!

    We do offer Postnet to Postnet services around South Africa @ R99.00 per 5KG parcel as well as The Courier Guy courier services.

    For export orders we do have a service but will be costed on the size of the order and location.

  • Stock on Hand

    Systems only completed or manufactured on order due to the amount of variants.

Color: White